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Integrated sales training and sales management development for lasting results.

In an increasingly competitive market place, effective sales training and management development is more than a must have, it’s a business-critical requirement. Sales teams must operate to the best of their ability in order to achieve the results demanded of them.

This demands a structured and integrated approach to sales training. Too often, sales training is based on providing nothing more than some short-term motivation. Our philosophy is different; we believe in bringing long lasting benefits to your business by genuinely improving the skills of your sales people and the processes they work to.

Interim Management and project management

NEW - Pivotal now offers interim management and project management solutions. This could be the solution you need if you:

  • Are under pressure to deliver results
  • Don't have sufficient resources to get the work done
  • Are restricted on adding to your permanent headcount
  • Want to have the security of a specialist coming in to help you on a short term contract
  • Have clearly defined objectives

Click here to learn more about the many ways Pivotal can help you using our new Interim Management and Project Management options.

Pivotal Sales Training is available in three formats:

Customised in-house programs - designed to your specific requirements, they can meet the needs of teams of any size.

Open courses - these important workshops are a cost effective way to implement personal development when there are insufficient numbers to justify an in-house program.

One-to-one coaching – ideal for busy managers and senior level executives who need to fit personal development around running the business

Who do we work with?

We work throughout the UK (and Europe) providing Sales Training and Personal Development Programs for:

  • Sales People and Account Managers
  • Field Sales Managers
  • Sales Directors
  • Support and Service Managers
  • Application Support Specialists
  • Service Engineers
  • Customer Service and Internal Sales Personnel
We work exclusively with business to business sales teams and their managers. We have particular expertise in the scientific, healthcare and high technology markets, and specialise in providing the technical sales training those teams require.
We ensure your training fee is an investment in your business and not a cost to it. Good sales professionals and sales managers are hard to find. When you have the right people it is crucial to give them the right training and the opportunity for personal development. In fact, training your team is one of the most important investments you can make in your business.

Pivotal core competencies – for Sales Professionals
Pivotal core competencies – for Managers
Pivotal core competencies – for Non Sales staff
Pivotal - Performance coaching


Pivotal - Interim management and project management solutions