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Cleve Wright, General Manager, Horiba Medical

"Having previously worked with Pivotal over several years and always getting excellent feedback from the team I jumped at the chance to engage Steve as our interim Sales Manager during a particularly challenging period for us.

Steve offered sound advice as to the scope of the engagement (as I had never employed an interim manager previously). The agreed objectives included the management and development of the sales team, reviewing of KPIs, contribution to monthly management meetings, development of the sales funnel and direct involvement in the recruitment of a permanent replacement.

From our previous engagements Steve possessed a comprehensive understanding of our organisation and the individual strengths and weaknesses of our sales team so he was able to hit the ground running.

He very quickly reviewed and implemented a more effective and relevant reporting system and mentored and coached individuals resulting in a significant improvement in this key area of our business.

All objectives were delivered within the agreed timescale and the team and organisation was left in a much better place than before Steve started his assignment.

I would not hesitate to make use of his services again should the need arise and would strongly recommend PIVOTAL for both training and interim management."

Glenn Foxton, Sales and Marketing Director, Thames Restek Ltd.

“At Thames Restek we make sure we invest our money wisely. Since we have implemented Pivotal Sales Training we have had record sales increases. That may be just a coincidence but listening to the feedback from the team I'd say it isn't. We are delighted with the results”


Stephen Barr, Field Sales Manager, Thames Restek Ltd.

“When I stepped up to the position of Field Sales Manager, the one to one coaching I received from Pivotal really helped me settle into the new job. It definitely focussed me on how to establish a really productive relationship with the sales team.”


Matthew Webb, UK Sales Manager, Tecan UK Ltd.

“The targeted and structured approach of the sales training managed to fulfil the expectations of all members of the sales team, regardless of their varying experience level. It definitely increased our efficiency and conversion rate significantly.”


Joanna Brown Technical Sales Representative, Tecan UK Ltd.

“Excellent, excellent, excellent, I can say no more!”


Martyn Fordham, Managing Director, Asynt Ltd

“Before outsourcing training of our sales team we had to consider the reality, that it had to be three things; motivational, tailored for our needs and of course profitable.

Pivotal were able to offer exactly what we needed, focused training aimed at the areas where we were weakest as individuals; the result is a team with a higher level of motivation utilising the tools learnt to great success.

This training easily paid for itself in increased orders within just a couple of months.”


Sam Dunnage, Asynt Ltd.

“Overall I would say that this was the best training course I have been on for anything. It was so tailored to my needs that it was very easy to relate the theory to my every day working role. I have already seen the benefits of the training; it has focussed me and increased my enjoyment of the job.”


Rupert Pearson, Director, Kinetica Ltd.

“Pivotal created a bespoke training package for Kinetica that met all our specific requirements perfectly. Steve Cole delivered an informative, interactive workshop that was enthusiastically received by all those involved.

His extensive commercial experience within the Life Science and Drug Discovery market place made him a perfect candidate to introduce the "life of a sales person" training course to the delegates from a scientific discipline.”


Alison Wake, Sales Executive, UK instrument manufacturer

“Pivotal’s focused approach helped me identify the good things I was doing and highlighted areas where I could improve. Rather than "teaching a method" we developed my own personal way of working which I am comfortable with”